Wednesday, 8 May 2013


In a week full of gruesome national news stories about face-eating madmen in Florida and disemboweling cage fighters in California, a 43-year-old, Hackensack, NJ man proved that people in the Northeast may have gone just as insane as the rest of the country when he allegedly attempted to fend off police officers by throwing bits and pieces of his skin and intestines at them.

According to the Associated Press, Wayne Carter was barricaded inside his home and was threatening to harm himself with a 12-inch knife when police arrived.

Despite the authorities efforts to talk him down, Carter reportedly began stabbing himself in the legs, neck, and abdomen and then proceeded to fling pieces of his skin and intestines at the officers.

His attempt to fend off the officers with his bloody projectiles was apparently successful, at least temporarily, because that’s when the Bergen County Police Department’s SWAT team was called in. By the time they arrived, “Carter’s intestines were literally hanging out of his body,” according to an unnamed police officer quoted by the Cliffview Pilot.

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