Wednesday, 8 May 2013

How To Maintain A Girlfriend Without Money

Men feel depressed and embarrassed to date their girlfriends when they are low with finance. Be it gifts, movies, shopping, night out, dinner or lunch at a nice restaurant, the bills are never ending!! Guys who stay alone have many expenditures which can make them save less and moreover, the expenses for maintaining a girlfriend makes them spend uncountable money. Most of the men get 'bankrupt' by the last week of every month and meeting their girlfriends can become really troublesome. If you want to maintain your girlfriend when you don't have money, here are few dating tips to keep her love locked with you!
Inexpensive dating tips to maintain girlfriend even after no money:
Be open: If you really want her in your life, it is good to discuss everything openly with your partner. This develops understanding levels and boosts up love in the couple. If the girlfriend is serious with you, money will not matter to her and she will try to save your expenses from the next time.
Fill romance: Women want romance so fill the relationship with romance. This will not only keep your girlfriend happy but also show your love for her! Romance boosts up the love life thus making the bond more stronger. You can go for a walk and talk with your girl and enjoy the street ice golas which are cheap and tasty! These small things can make the day more special which money can't buy....
Play at home: Have a quality time with your girlfriend by playing video games at home. This is one idea which can be used to maintain your girlfriend when you don't have money! For having best time together, make her win the game. The fun and pride will make her happy with you regardless of the money! You can even play dirty games such as question and answer round! For eg, you take out a cloth from your body if the answer of your partner is wrong... It will end up wild!!!!

 This can be really romantic and inexpensive dating tip. Meeting your girl when you don't have money can be risky so it is best to fill the relationship with love by spending more time at home. It is private and comfortable. Cook lunch or dinner together and make it little spicy with intimacy to maintain the relationship even without money in pocket.
Try these inexpensive dating tips to maintain your girlfriend when you are less in money!

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