Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Nigeria Highest Paying Job

REVEALED: Senators’ Salaries And Allowances In Nigeria

According to reports, below is an alleged breakdown of senators’ salary and allowances in Nigeria.

Basic Salary (BS) = N2,484,245.50

Hardship Allowance: 50% of Basic Salary = N1,242,122.75.

Constituency allowance: 200% of BS = N4,968,509.00.

Furniture Allowance: 300% of BS = N7,452,736.50.

Newspaper allowance: 50% = N1,242,122.70.

Wardrobe allowance: 25% = N621,061.37.

Recess Allowance: 10% = N248,424.55.

Accommodation: 200% = N4,968,509.00.

Utilities: 30% = N828,081.83.

Domestic Staff: 35% = N863,184.12.

Entertainment: 30% = N828,081.83.

Personal Assistance: 25% = N621,061.37.

Vehicle Maintenance Allowance: 75% = N1,863,184.12.

Leave Allowance : 10% = N248,424.55

One off payments (Severance gratuity): 300% = N7,452,736.50. Motor Vehicle Allowance: 400% of BS = N9,936,982.00.

Total per month = N29,479, 749.00. [$190,192]

Multiply this by the 109 senators = N3,213,292,641

Haa this is more than looting, this is just Senators not to talk of what the Reps, Executive, Minister, and so on takes home every month.

Hmm… feel free to share your views on this development in the Comments section below.


  1. Hmm in a country where graduates are paid 20,30,40,50k per month, even masters holder can't get a good salary and the so called illiterates make billions every month. This country dead already.

  2. We complain of Boko haram, these people in government are the terrorists in nigeria

  3. i think we need to change our system of government in nigeria, perhaps we change to parliamentary system of government.

  4. hahahaha this is daylight robbery

  5. jesus,this is too much.and the masses are suffering,no Jobs.

  6. can u imagine dis bastards................. with no jobs 4 even 2nd degree holders...Structural unemployment at its peak.....mehn am fucking tired of dis shit hole called nigeria


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